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TMI Law, Ethics and Society – Philip Groves – The Decline of Political Life in the UK, and How to Restore Trust in Politics

Monday 15 April 2013

The speaker is a graduate of the LSE, and holds a Master’s degree in European Management from the Universities of Poitiers and Barcelona. He has variously worked at the Treasury, Royal Mail, and the European Commission as well as Ofcom, his current employer. He was active for many years in a political party. If you […]

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TMI Law, Ethics and Society – Patrick Carroll – The People Trap: Demography Caught by the Ideology of Birth Control

Monday 11 March 2013

The speaker is an actuary and statistician who has written widely on pension provision, fertility and breast cancer epidemiology. The Times and The Financial Times have printed a number of letters from him. His reports, Ireland’s Gain (2011) and Assessing the Damage (2007) about the impact of abortion on society are published and available on […]

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TMI Seminar – Dr. Gudrun Kugler – What’s Wrong with the West? Intolerance against Christians – and a Scanty Response

Wednesday 16 January 2013

The speaker has documented over 800 cases on intolerance and discrimination against Christians over the past six years. She has spoken about the topic at the European Commission, the European Parliament, the OSCE, the Fundamental Rights Agency, and many other institutions. Such intolerance is on the increase in Europe , and Christian responses are far […]

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TMI Law, Ethics and Society – Nathaniel Suda – The Character of Ethics and the Ethics of Character

Monday 14 January 2013

Nathaniel Suda is Head of Strategy and Solutions Consulting at Advanced365. Prior to his career in IT, he studied theology at the Universities of St. Andrews (Master of Theology) and Aberdeen (doctoral candidate). If you are interested in attending please contact Piers Tattersall ( to receive an invitation.

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TMI Seminar – Dominic Burbidge – How to build a Trustful and not just a Big Society

12 December 2012

The speaker explored the comparative dynamics of trust and trustworthiness, and consider the social prerequisites for a trustful society. Given the challenges of migration and multiculturalism, recent scholarship has attempted to determine the props of an inclusive citizenship that can bridge divides between cultures. Is this endeavour feasible? Is it worthwhile? What are the barriers […]

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‘Dangerous Schools for Boys’: Winning Hearts and Minds – Symposium

24–25 May 2012

In hosting a Dangerous Schools for Boys symposium the Thomas More Institute sought to bring together over two days education professionals as well as other specialists and interested parties to discuss the widespread, and indeed widely acknowledged, disengagement of pre-adolescent and adolescent boys from formal school education. The underachievement of boys, by almost every form […]

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TMI Seminar – Sebastian Payne – ‘More Security and More Injustice?’

Wednesday 23 May 2012

In normal circumstances the criminal justice system can deal fairly and properly with allegations of criminal wrong- doing. However, the body of anti-terrorism law since 9/11 has put serious strain on fairness and justice by creating indefinite detention without trial, house arrest and secret hearings that fall short of trial. The European Court of Human […]

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TMI Manchester Symposium – Faith and Freedom: Religious Belief and the Political Process

Saturday 12 May 2012

10.30am–1.00pm | Coffee from 10.00am Christians today often feel marginalised in the ‘public square’. This symposium, in two sessions, will seek a better understanding of the current environment, with a view to finding ways to overcome the obstacles to effective communication and to achieving significant impact on public policy. Both are clearly crucial to effective […]

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