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TMI Seminar – Prof. John Loughlin – Scottish Independence: Implications for Anglo-Irish Relations

28 May 2014

The 1998 Good Friday Agreement in tandem with the devolution programme in Great Britian were major steps toward normalising relations among the countries and regions of the British Isles. This was possible for a number of reasons but not least because both the UK and Ireland are members of the European Union. But one of […]

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TMI Seminar – James Bogle – Law and Medical Ethics: End of Life Care Pathways After the Neuberger Report

30 April 2014

The speaker will consider the legal and bioethical situation as regards end of life care pathways following publication in July 2013 of the government’s independent review of the Liverpool Care Pathway chaired by Baroness Neuberger. James Bogle, TD, MA, ACIArb, is a barrister practising at 10 Kings Bench Walk, Inner Temple, where he is Deputy […]

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TMI Seminar – Dr. Angus Ritchie – Does Humanism Need God?

26 March 2014

The speaker argued that religion provides the only robust foundations for our most fundamental moral commitments. He will drew for this on his important recent book, From Morality to Metaphysics: The Theistic Implications of our Ethical Commitments (Oxford, 2012) and the related Theos think-tank report, From Goodness to God, which may be downloaded free of charge at Dr. Ritchie is currently Director […]

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TMI Seminar – Dr. Brian Sudlow – Technology, Techno-pessimism and Techno-politics: Bernanos, Marcel and Ellul on the Challenges of Technological Civilisation

26 February 2014

The headlong rush of modernization in recent centuries has reached hyper-spatial qualities. While the time window between invention and commercial application has become ever smaller, new technologies are often noted not only for intrinsic rapidity but also for rapid popularization across territories geographically and culturally remote. Technology shapes and governs almost every human activity from […]

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TMI Seminar – Dr. Christiaan Alting von Geusau & Prof. Philip Booth – Catholic Education in the 21st Century: The Challenge

23 January 2014

In many Catholic schools, education has become more difficult to distinguish from secular alternatives – though often of higher academic quality. Even Catholic authorities tend to lay more stress on academic performance and values such as ‘inclusiveness’ than on Catholic formation. The speakers outlined the most important ingredients in a Catholic education and formation. They […]

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TMI Seminar – Dr. David Rodin – The New Killing Machines: The Ethics of Drones and Lethal Autonomous Robots

Monday 28 October 2013

Many today have expressed doubts about the ethics of using drones and similar such machines in warfare, at a time when there seems to be ever-greater recourse to them. Is this merely a residual chivalric prejudice against fighting at a distance and without risk to combatants on one’s own side, or are there more fundamental […]

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TMI Manchester Symposium – Sir Paul Coleridge – Marriage:’It’s just a piece of paper, so why do we need a Marriage Foundation..?’

11 July 2013

Founder and chairman of the Marriage Foundation, Sir Paul Coleridge was appointed a High Court judge in 2000 after 30 years as a family law specialist barrister. He deals with complex cases of family break up, especially those which involve children. If you are interested in attending please contact Piers Tattersall ( to receive an […]

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TMI Law, Ethics and Society – Tim Clarke – Denying the Poor Victim Access to Justice or Denying the Rich Lawyer Access to the Gravy Train: Are the Changes Introduced by LAPSO for the Common Good

Monday 13 May 2013

The speaker qualified as a solicitor in 1992 and, after working for a major litigation firm in the West End and another in the City, he is now a partner in Clarke Barnes Solicitors LLP which he co-founded. If you are interested in attending please contact Piers Tattersall ( to receive an invitation.

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