TMI Seminar – Dr. David Rodin – The New Killing Machines: The Ethics of Drones and Lethal Autonomous Robots

Monday 28 October 2013

Many today have expressed doubts about the ethics of using drones and similar such machines in warfare, at a time when there seems to be ever-greater recourse to them. Is this merely a residual chivalric prejudice against fighting at a distance and without risk to combatants on one’s own side, or are there more fundamental issues in play?

A Rhodes Scholar from New Zealand, David Rodin has B.Phil. and D.Phil. degrees in philosophy from the University of Oxford. He is an authority on the ethics of war and conflict; Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, New York; and Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict. His publications include War and Self-Defense (OUP, 2002); articles in leading philosophy and law journals; and edited books. He is a regular lecturer at the UK Joint Services Command and Staff College. He has also worked in the private sector as a Senior Associate with the Boston Consulting Group.