25 May

Unravelling Values: Has Conscience Anything to Do with Aesthetic Taste?

‘That there is a relationship between morality and aesthetics is an idea which, at various times, writers and artists have been keen for one reason or another to assert. On the face of it there would seem to be a pleasing relationship between the two if we could say that the person most capable of discerning good actions from bad were also best able to distinguish the beautiful from the ugly…’

Piers Tattersall is a musician whose works have been performed at Salisbury Cathedral, Cadogan Hall, and Peacock Theatre (Saddlers Wells). He has worked with The Orpheus Sinfonia, London Children’s Ballet, The Composers Ensemble, The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, and various others, and is currently working on a commission from the Britten Sinfonia for solo violin and chamber orchestra to be performed by the Norwegian violinist Henning Kraggerud.  He is currently an Intern of the Thomas More Institute and recently gave a paper at the Institute’s series ‘Conscience, Values and Belief in Public Life’.  Read the entire text here.

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