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16 August 2013

The Philosophy Behind Science – A Scientist’s View


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The Philosophy Behind Science – A Scientist’s View

This series of seminars run by the Thomas More Institute for residents of Netherhall House and their friendsgave a brief outline of what underlies the scientific mind or mentality.

Presentations were made by Peter Adams, who read Theoretical Physics at Oxford University, worked on the particle accelerator at the Rutherford Laboratory, and conducted research in computer science and IT-related fields at Queen Mary, London. He is co-Editor of a book soon to be published by Springer NY, Is Science Compatible with Free Will?


Saturday 19 January 2013

Galileo and Newton: Birth of the New Science – what it is, what we gain, what we lose


Saturday 26 January 2013

The Quantum World: a Glimpse – what it is and why it is more than simply ‘another discovery’


Saturday 2 February 2013

Science and Free Will: why scientists don’t believe in Free Will, and why they should, really