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16 August 2013

Philosophy of Science and Philosophy Behind Science



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Philosophy of Science and Philosophy Behind Science


What scientists do, and what people say about what scientists do, are often very different. Some say that science consists in classifying facts – without telling us what ‘facts’ are or what ‘classifying’ is. Others say science is all about what always happens. Others that science is about predictions, or that it is all about phenomena. None of these remarks in fact correspond to what scientists actually spend most of their time doing. This series of seminars run by the Thomas More Institute for residents of Netherhall House and their friends will examined what view of the world is presupposed by what scientists actually do.

Presentations were given by Prof. Christopher Martin (a Professor of Philosophy at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, who has taught in Spain, England, Scotland and the U.S.A., and has published on – among other subjects – Aristotle, causality and ethics), and were moderated by Mr. Peter Adams (a physicist by training who has worked on the particle accelerator at the Rutherford Laboratory, as well as in computer science and IT-related fields, acting as Co-Editor of a book soon to be published, Is Science Compatible with Free Will?). Prof. Martin presented participants with suggestions for thought and preparatory reading to successive seminars.



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