Student Project on Citizenship

16 December 2009

During the academic year 2009/10 the Thomas More Institute was involved in a European project with students from several countries with the following objectives:

  • To provide young citizens with the opportunity to interact and participate in constructing a tighter-knit Europe, which is democratic and world-oriented, united and enriched by its cultural diversity.
  • To develop a sense of European identity, based on common values, history and culture.
  • To foster a sense of ownership of the European Union among its citizens.
  • To foster action, debate and reflection on European citizenship and democracy, shared values, common history and culture through cooperation within civil society organisations at European level.

The project involved a Europe-wide questionnaire of over 1000 students and its analysis by teams of students from different countries. The results were presented over the course of four seminars in four European cities: London, Rome, San Sebastian and Warsaw. A final meeting in Brussels was held in June 2010 to present a “Charter of Responsible European Citizenship” which is a result of the studies carried out by the different teams.

The Thomas More Institute organised the seminar in London which took place on 25 November 2009 in the House of Commons.

More details about the project and the London meeting can be found at: